Thursday, April 19, 2012

Steampunk Cowboy

Here is the Turn around of the character with the Backpack and Gun. I think I am done with him. I designed the backpack after the Ghostbuster backpack. The Gun from a 1862 Colt Single Action Army.

Enjoy ;D

I added the gun in the holster, later I will pose him using it. At the moment still designing the back pack. Thinking it might be close to a ghostbuster backpack feel. Will post more soon.

I added the eyebrows, and made some tweaks as well. Here is some renders from different views. ON TO MAKING THE GUN AND ACCESSORIES!
stay tuned.

by the way, the textures were hand painted in zbrush. no, photo-textures we added. all by the mano.

Added the hair and beard scruff today. I also tweaked the skin and few other things. Going to work on the eyebrows and eyelashes next. After that make any adjustments that I see that needs to be made :)

Here is update render of Character. I'm using mental ray lights and shaders. Still working tweaks, and hair. Stay Tuned.

did a quick update on the shirt and vest. I will do the trench coat, and work on the details next.

Making Gambit into a cowboy, Han Solo Style. Been playing Red Dead Redemption's Single Player.

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