Friday, September 17, 2010

More than meets the Eye

More of the final design, but had a couple paint overs from friends, to help me find an interesting
silhouette, and fun design. Also going to play more with functionality of the character, on what he does and role on the battle field.

I haven't been posting up any of my personal work. Think its time to change that.

Stay tuned for this one

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Machine Alchemist


Wanted to make a bust, and have him fit in the van helsing world. Someone who would be assisting the hero.

Collapsing Pillar

This is a Collapsing Pillar i made a couple months ago, had it fully playable and interactive. Did it entirely by myself. Yes, i can program too.

video here

Abandon Temple

I modeled out this abandon temple for a test, but I definitely want to take it to finish product.
Started to zbrush some of the modular pieces...stay tuned for this one

Barrels next to Trees